Top 10 Must-Have Items for Your Summer Wardrobe

What does a stylist live in over the summer? Here’s my must-have list for my casual summer wardrobe:

  1. White Pants – fitted; denim, linen, or cropped, or all three
  2. Denim Jacket – blue or white; good for over T-shirts or a sundress when it’s cooler or aimageir-conditioned.
  3. T-shirts – Plain white, black & white silkscreened, and/or fun colour
  4. Walking Shorts – beige or olive green
  5. Colourful Top or Blouse – patterned with a colour/white mix
  6. Sundress – Something that is cool and makes you feel pretty, whether a maxi or short.
  7.  Drawstring Pants – Great for quickly pulling over bathing suit bottoms, or add a T -shirt & denim jacket and you have a go-to-the-movies outfit.
  8. Lightweight Sweater – for cooler evenings or an early morning run to Starbucks or an Egg McMuffin.
  9. Summer Bag – Think fun colours or patterns and ess structure to accommodate your sunglasses, sunscreen and books. Time to put that black utilitarian bag into storage for a few months.image
  10. Sparkly or Embellished Sandals – I have a pair of “diamond-studded” beige flip-flop type of leather sandal that I wear with everything. I highly recommend them over rubber … lol.


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