The Closet Diva’s Fall Fashion Forecast 2018

Animal Prints

To me, animal prints are a classic print … one that is never really in style and never goes out of style. However, this Fall, animal print is trendy again and so you will have lots to choose from, from classic leopard to giraffe, zebra and snakeskin.

Glossy & Shiny

You will see patent leather, shiny “plastic” coats and metallics in shoes, coats, bags, and even outfit pieces.

Menswear Inspiration & Tweed

Pieces of suiting, especially in tweeds, will be available to add interest and texture to your cold weather wear.

Plaid, Tartan & Checks

Think heritage plaids from Scotland, lumberjack checks and cowboy plaids.

The 80’s

Yes, they are back! Teenagers are embracing the clothes worn on early episodes of “Friends” including big pullover sweaters, baseball caps worn backwards, flannel shirts tucked into mom jeans, teased bangs, and electric-hued animal prints.

Luxury Sneakers

It seems the bigger the sole, the better. Puma, Fila … check them out if you don’t get sticker shock from the price tags.


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Fashionably Yours,
The Closet Diva

Since 2006, Janise Somer, The Closet Diva, has been helping men & women learn how to dress and to refine their personal image in a way that brings them personal and professional success. Janise is also a professional speaker and author of the book, CLOSET RESCUE, available on Amazon. Janise has appeared on Global TV, CityTV, and featured in the Calgary Herald. Janise works with clients on closet editing, personal shopping and styling services. You can learn more about Janise and her image consulting services at or contact her via email.


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