For the first time I can remember, I put my winter clothes in a different closet thanks to the expert help and coaching of Janise Bachler, The Closet Diva, today my closet is de-clustered, I learned that I apparently have a tendency towards grey suits, and I have to go shoe shopping! Did you hear that?!! Shoe shopping!!!!! Janise, you are the BEST! THANK YOU! Every time I think of my closet now I see myself skipping along like a little girl!


I’m so happy with my new clothes! Janise, you are a stylin’ machine… thanks for cutting through all the less-than-fabulous stuff and working so quickly and efficiently. AND under my budget! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Janise, you are awesome! I am thrilled with the makeover. I have had so many compliments. My husband and my daughter were amazed at my transformation. My daughter couldn’t say enough about her mother’s new look. She said I looked beautiful and 10 years younger. What a compliment! I wore my coral outfit for my Mah Jong group yesterday. They were impressed with the total look. The jeans turned out to be a perfect choice to go with the top. They also loved the shoes. Thanks again, Janise, for an awesome experience.

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