Stop Calling Yourself Fat!

I had a “light bulb moment”, as Oprah used to say, the other morning during my workout. I was pinching an inch (or two … lol), and thinking to myself, “I am fat.” Then I realized how silly that statement really is. My body does not consist only of fat! I have muscle, organs, skin, bones and blood. I just have some fat on my body!


You are not fat.

So, we need to stop calling ourselves “fat”, as in, “I am fat.” NO! You are not a lump of excess yuck. You might have some excess fat on your body you need to rid yourself of, but you are not a lump of lard.

You are a glorious woman!! Instead, I suggest we all start saying, “I am a glorious woman who needs to lose some fat.” Now, doesn’t that feel different?

Yes, love yourself, re-frame your thinking, and it can change everything!

XO – Janise


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