My Bucket List from The Closet Diva

How many of you have a bucket list? I remember asking my former husband if he had a bucket list and was shocked to discover he didn’t have one, and didn’t care to have one. I’ve always had some kind of goal list as I need and want to grow, learn and do new things. He was content at home with his remote control and a safe, predictable life. Honestly, this was probably one of the reasons our relationship didn’t survive.

One of my friends posted something on Facebook today that reminded me that it was time to look at my bucket list and see what I have done and if I need to revise mine and add to mine.


  1. Have children — Two daughters, born 1998 and 2002
  2. Live on an acreage & have horses — near Acme (2000 – 2004); 1 horse, 1 pony
  3. Own a VW Beetle – 2007 Atomic Green Bug 2016 – 208
  4. Take my kids to Disneyland — April 2008
  5. Visit Hawaii — Honolulu 2017 with my girls
  6. Visit New York in December – December 2006
  7. See Wynonna Judd in concert — Wetaskiwin, June 2013
  8. See Celine Dion in concert — Vegas, 2005
  9. Start my own successful business — Started my “The Closet Diva” image consulting business in 2006; still going strong after 20+ years including newspaper, radio and TV appearances!
  10. Write a book – Published Closet Rescue in 2011; revised in 2014. Still want to write another book on surviving divorce.
  11. Get a Yorkie – Got Sophie in June 2017.
  12. Mediterranean Cruise.
  13. Rent an apartment in Paris and stay for a month.
  14. Visit the Maritimes.
  15. Get a degree.
  16. Live in a cottage at a lake, or own one.
  17. Learn how to play my Celtic harp.
  18. Learn how to paint.
  19. Buy a kayak and learn how to kayak (on a lake … nothing crazy!).
  20. Design a line of clothing or have a retail store or website for women 40+.
  21. Have a convertible “summer” car.
  22. Help both of my daughters “Say Yes to the Dress” for their own weddings.

Everyone’s bucket list will look different and some of your dreams you might want to stay private, but I encourage you to create your list. It’s fun and awesome to realize how blessed we are to have accomplished quite a few things in life!

A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams. John Barrymore


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