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This morning I did a segment again on Breakfast Television on CityTV on “Image Breakers“. You can click on this link to watch it if you missed it. Today we talked about those “ticky little details” that can make or break an outfit, or compromise your credibility or professionalism in the workplace.

Below is a summary of the points we covered:


1) Evening Jewelry for Daytime – If you purchased jewelry to go “clubbing”, or last year’s Christmas party, chances are it does not go well with business attire to the office. Generally speaking, the jewelry is too blingy, too large and can be distracting because it is too jangly or shiny. Opt for simple jewelry for the office such as small hoops, knots or diamond studs.


2) Nail Art – Nail art is very popular right now, but I believe that nails should be conservative in the workplace. Imagine a woman standing in front of a group of business people making a presentation. She is dressed smartly in a suit. However, as she waves around her hands to illustrate a point she is making, her audience notices that she has nails with designs on them. Then, instead of concentrating on what she is saying, they are trying to figure out what the design is! Keep your nails conservative for the office; a white french tip, a nice neutral, or a gentle pink are my suggestions.

3) Leggings are NOT pants! – I cannot stress this enough. Leggings are basically tights without feet. Wearing them as a bottom with a normal length top is not appropriate at any size or any age. I do not believe leggings are appropriate for the office, period. But, if you feel you really want to wear them, they can be worn with a knee-length dress. Tunics that end mid-thigh do not provide enough leg coverage. You are basically wearing a mini skirt with tights to work!


1) Backpacks – I know we all need to carry dress shoes, laptop, files and our lunches to the office, but backpacks are for students, not for grown-ups. You are not in school anymore so it is time to take it up a notch by purchasing a good quality, leather briefcase, or messenger bag.

2) Casual Coat with Business Attire – A ski jacket over a suit is not a good look. The formality is all wrong! A classic trench coat is longer and will provide adequate coverage over a suit jacket.

3) Casual Watch with Business Attire – Watches that are made out of rubber or plastic, have lots of buttons, lights, alarms or timers, or has neon accents, is not appropriate with work attire. Leave your sports watch at home and go for a simple watch with a metal band.

If you aren’t sure if you are presenting your best image at work or not, I can help. I can be reached at or 403-860-1916.


Janise Bachler, the Closet Diva, has been helping men and women how to dress and to refine their personal image, or brand, in a way that brings them personal and professional success since 2006. Janise can help you build a wardrobe that works for every facet of your life and that will enhance your success. For more info, visit


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