Cold Laser Facials

How many times have you had a facial and, while it felt wonderful and relaxing, and your face felt softer and smoother, it really didn’t impact the look of your skin?

As you know I often try out and report on new technologies so I can tell you about them. Today I experienced my first cold laser facial from my friend, Catherine Scheers, at Blissful You Spa in Cochrane. My first treatment included microdermabrasion for deep exfoliation, lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness and swelling, and an anti-aging cold laser treatment to improve natural tone and texture of the skin. Six facials, one-week apart, claim to give you the same results as a mini-face-lift without the needles!

cold_laser_before_afterThe whole experience was relaxing and gentle while my feet were wrapped in warmth and I listened to soft, soothing music. You can chat or you can sleep; it is up to you. 90 minutes later, I got up feeling refreshed. My skin felt “happy” and tightened. I looked in the mirror and was delighted to see about a 50% reduction in the lines around my eyes … in one treatment! As well, my “jowls” are virtually gone. Catherine said I should see even more improvement over the next 2-3 days as the body responds to the laser stimulation by building collagen.

I will definitely be going back soon! And Blissful You is opening a location in Calgary soon for those of you who might not want to drive all the way out to Cochrane. Watch her website or call 403-803-4795 for more details.


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