CelluFIGHT Review … it works!

I don’t usually endorse products and I am not receiving any financial reward or any kind of reward for this review, but I wanted you to know about a product that actually works!

I ordered the CelluFIGHT vacuum product in the hopes of helping smooth my thigh and upper arm cellulite. The cost was $59.00 US plus shipping. I have tried cellulite creams and massagers, including Mary Kay and drugstore brands, but with very limited success. However, after using the CelluFIGHT vacuum for 4 weeks consistently, I am seeing good results … not 100%, but 90% results and that thrills me!

At first, operating this vacuum/roller was difficult to use and painful. But after a bit of use, I got the hang of it. Here’s the trick to using it:

  • Use an oil to lubricate the skin. I used coconut oil (generic jar from Superstore).
  • Use the smaller head. It’s easier!
  • Set the vacuum/roller head on the skin and wait for your skin to “puff” up inside the head (which means it is sucking in some flesh), and then pull the head towards your heart (upwards).
  • I often hold it by the head, rather than the handle, for easier use.

When I received this product, about 3 weeks after I ordered it from an ad on Facebook, the box was beat up and “tatty”, and the name on the product was “cehuioss MD” versus CelluFIGHT. The instructions are obviously written by someone whose English is not their first language. The product itself doesn’t feel super sturdy or high quality, but so far so good.I am considering ordering another one from Oulaladeals to have as a backup should this one break. I tried charging it and using it but didn’t get the suction power I wanted, so I always just use it plugged in. I have been spending about 15 minutes every 2 days. Once results are achieved, the instructions say you only need to do it once every second week to maintain results.

I haven’t seen the same results with my upper arms as I have with my thighs, but I will keep trying. I wish I had taken “Before & After” photos, but I didn’t. Sorry!

Here is the link to order the CelluFIGHT product should you wish to order and try it for yourself. Should you try it, please post your review in the comments!


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