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Since 2006, Janise Somer (nee Bachler), The “Closet Diva”, has been helping men & women learn how to dress and to refine their personal image in a way that brings them personal and professional success. Janise is the author of the book, “CLOSET RESCUE“, available on Amazon or Kindle. Prior to opening her image consulting & speaking business, Janise spent 20+ years as a marketing manager for both corporate & non-profit organizations before taking her image consultant training at the Conselle Institute of Image Management in Utah in 2006.

Breakfast Television on CityTV AppearanceJanise has appeared on Global TV & frequently on CityTV’s Breakfast Television, and was a former co-host on the Shaw Cable show, “Kim’s Kitchen”. Janise has also been featured in the Calgary Herald, interviewed on radio, and authored several articles for local magazines. As a professional speaker & educator, Janise has given presentations for organizations such as the Calgary Health Region, Mount Royal College, Red Deer College, Intuit Canada, Excel Homes, and many more. Janise is a professional member of AICI, the Association of Image Consultants International.

On a personal note, Janise is the mom of two amazing girls and a stepson. In her personal time, she likes to power walk, write, read, sing, x-country ski, wakeboard, Facebook, and hang with girlfriends. Janise is passionate about her kids, fashion, interior design, her faith, and chocolate.

My Personal Story

“You might look at me now and think, “She looks so put together.” Yes, that is true today, but this wasn’t always the case. In 2003, my youngest was a year old. My sister came to visit me on the acreage we were living on at the time. She said, “You probably don’t want to hear this, but you are looking pretty frumpy these days.” I remember that statement hitting me hard. What happened? I was a stay-at-home mom who was 20 pounds overweight, rarely wore make-up, and my regular attire was mom jeans (high-waisted, pleated and light washed … eghaads!) or sweat pants (yes, the kind with the elastic at the ankles!), and duck boots. My glasses were outdated. My hair had no style. I had cut it shorter after being long for years, and then I just let it grow out with no particular plan but trying to tame my natural curl. And, because I had gotten into horses, I had started to buy western clothes to fit in with others in the horse community. I looked a mess and I was dressing in a way that didn’t feel like me at all. And, I needed to go back to work. What was I to do? Today, in my 50’s, I feel great about how I look, but it was a process to find myself and my style again.”

Before becoming a personal stylist & speaker in the image management industry, I worked for 20+ years in corporate & non-profit marketing and communications, as well as running my own small business marketing consulting company. During that time, I began to understand the importance of branding to the success of an individual, as well as to the company’s success. In 2006, I began a new career path with training at the Conselle Institute of Image Management in Utah and I have been helping men & women learn how to dress and to refine their personal image, or brand, in a way that brings them personal and professional success ever since!

Working with an image professional results in an education that lasts a life-time.

  • Ensure your clothes communicate in-line with your roles and goals
  • Educate you on the styles that will compliment your unique body shape, proportions and coloring
  • Ensure your unique personal style is incorporated in every aspect of your clothing
  • Coach you in all aspects of appropriate body language and etiquette
  • Educate you in smart shopping and how to create multi-purpose clothing capsules and clusters
  • Ensure your employees project your companies vision and mission through their visual impact
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