10 Fashion Resolutions for 2017

As my image mentor, Judith Rasband, always says, “How you look affects how you think, how you feel, how you act, and how others react to you.” In other words, your image impacts you even more than it impacts others. “If you look good, then you feel good”, right? So, I have some fashion and image resolution suggestions to help you feel great in 2017:

  1. View fashion magazines with a critical eye.
    Don’t buy the lies. Style is way more important than trends. Every image you see is photoshopped and edited in such a way to make you want to buy their product. Even stick thin models and celebrities don’t look like themselves. Don’t buy it! Make the best of exactly who you are today … the best hairstyle, makeup applied in a complimentary way, an organized closet, clothes & accessories that make you feel create …  to create confidence … and confidence makes us beautiful.
  2. Simplify Your Wardrobe, Simplify Your Life.
    This past year I downsized to a 2-bedroom apartment with very limited storage. I put most of my wardrobe into storage and took about 20 mix & match pieces (a cluster) to my new apartment. Although I have worn the same outfits over and over, I am much happier. It takes way less time to get dressed. I always look great. And, I feel good that I am actually getting my money’s worth out of my clothes. Try paring down your wardrobe to 20 pieces, plus a great pair of jeans, and put everything else into storage or another closet. See if this doesn’t simplify your life dramatically!
  3. Find Your Style & Stop Wasting Money.
    We have all made shopping mistakes. I have seen many pieces in closets with the tags still on them. The easiest way to stop wasting money is to find your style, and the easiest way to find your style to create an online bulletin board and start pinning outfits that you see and love. I use Pinterest and absolutely love it! Eventually you will see your style emerge as you review your “pins”. Then, when you go shopping, do what I do and take a moment to imagine that piece or outfit on your body. If it doesn’t feel right, walk away from it. Only spend money on pieces that feel like you.
  4. Keep Only Your Current Size in Your Closet.
    Do you keep several sizes in your closet in case  you gain or lose weight? I think that we all already suffer from enough guilt. When you are sorting every morning through clothes that don’t fit, you are basically beating yourself up every single morning as you get dressed, and wasting time and energy. Don’t do it! If you have clothes that don’t fit, put them into storage and only bring them out when and IF they fit you.
  5. Keep Only the Current Season in Your Closet.
    Are you sorting through cotton skirts and capri pants trying to find that cashmere sweater for today’s sub-zero weather? That’s just craziness! Remove all off-season clothes and put them into storage (another closet or Rubbermaid containers in storage). This will save you tons of time selecting what to wear in the mornings. And the bonus is that when you bring up your off-season clothes for the next season, it will feel like you have a whole new wardrobe! Try it. You will not regret it.
  6. Update Your Undergarments!
    The New Year is a great time to get some new undergarments. First, go through your undies drawers and toss out worn out bras and panties. Second, go to a lingerie store and get re-measured to make sure you are still the same bra size. Buy 2 new bras (one nude, one in a fun colour) and at least a half dozen new pairs of panties (2 nude, 4 in fun colours).
  7. Edit Your Jewelry.
    I don’t know about you but I have accumulated quite a collection of costume jewelry in the past few years and I know lots of it I haven’t worn in quite a while. Like my wardrobe, my goal is to edit my jewelry down to 20 pieces and put the rest into storage (in small ziplock bags). If I don’t miss it in the next year, I will give it away.
  8. Take a Risk.
    We all can get into ruts. It might be the way you wear your makeup. Maybe you wear mostly black. Maybe you have had the same hairstyle for 10 years. Maybe you haven’t worn a dress or a skirt in a long time. Make a decision to take one risk in 2017 and “just do it”. You might surprise yourself about how much better you feel or the compliments you get.
  9. Start Wearing Real Clothes Again.
    Our generation is obsessed with comfort. This means that we are wearing more and more sporty clothes as daily wear and our wardrobes have come to mostly consist of yoga pants, leggings, hoodies and T-shirts. Gone are the days of dressing up to go to the bank or to see the doctor, or to fly, as our grandparents did. However, designers are now designing real clothes for comfort and if you haven’t tried them in quite a while, you might be surprised. Once in a while, wear a dress to go out for dinner with your spouse. Your husband will love it! Wear a pair of dress pants with a stretch fabric blazer to work or out for drinks with your friends. You will be amazed how special you will feel getting out of those yoga pants once in a while.
  10. Choose Healthy vs. Skinny.
    Being model-thin is a seriously flawed goal and usually unattainable unless you have those genes. Instead of another New Year’s resolution to lose weight, how about simply deciding to make healthier choices in 2017? Choose a bottle of water instead of a Coke with your noon lunch. Park farther away from the mall doors and walk. Stop eating when you are satisfied instead of when your plate is empty or you are stuffed. Go for a walk before you watch that movie or binge watch a season of your favourite show on Netflix … or, better yet, walk on the treadmill while you watch! Don’t order the appetizer and instead drink a glass of water with lemon before your main course arrives. Order a vegetarian pizza instead of your usual “meat lovers” fare. In 2017, make healthier choices instead of punishing your body with yet another fad diet. Respect your body. It’s the only one you’ve got.

I hope these ideas inspire you. And if you want some help editing & organizing your closet, or shopping for some confidence-building outfits, check out my services on my website.


Since 2006, Janise Bachler, The Closet Diva, has been helping men & women learn how to Closet_Rescue_Cover_#3067A2-1dress and to refine their personal image in a way that brings them personal and professional success. Janise is also a professional speaker and author of the book, CLOSET RESCUE, available on Amazon. Janise has appeared on Global TV, CityTV, and featured in the Calgary Herald. Janise works with clients on closet editing, personal shopping and styling services. You can learn more about Janise and her image consulting services at theclosetdiva.ca or contact her via email.


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